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 Title:  Guide to bowing : Strathspeys, reels, pastoral melodies, hornpipes, &c.
  Author:  Skinner, J. Scott
  Publisher:  Bayley & Ferguson
  Place of Publication:  Glasgow
  Date of Publication:  unknown
  Original Date of Publ: 
  Publication Number: 
  Number of Pages:  35 p.
  Binding Style:  Staple-bound
  Dimensions:  7.5 in.
  Contents:  Introductory remarks -- Strathspeys and reels -- Extract from a friend's letter -- The straight stroke -- Re unisons -- The loop -- The long bow -- The doodle -- Reels -- Hornpipe playing -- The writer's experience of bows -- The choice of violins -- The choice of melodies -- Slow air playing -- Favourite pastorals -- The bow -- On stringing -- On style -- Re 'cello accompaniment -- Trick fiddling, etc. -- Concluding remarks -- Suitable keys
  Notes:  Includes numerous musical examples, with bowing (slurs, and up- and down-bow indications).
  Format:  Pamphlet
  Subject - Culture:  Scottish
  Subject - Time: 
  Subject - Topic:  Bowing
  Subject - Instrument:  Violin, Fiddle
  Subject - Genre:  Instruction book