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 Title:  Sounds of Ireland
  Author:  Childs, Maryanna
  Publisher:  Our Sunday Visitor, Inc.
  Place of Publication:  Huntington, Indiana
  Date of Publication:  1969
  Original Date of Publ: 
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  Number of Pages:  223 p.
  Binding Style:  Paperback
  Dimensions:  7.5 in.
  Contents:  Palesmanship -- A language that strangers do not know -- The sound of a sacring bell -- Fur, fins, and feathers -- Tell it not in Tullamore -- The sound of silence -- The art of good talk -- Four green fields: A medley -- Camogie, anyone? -- The sound of a teacher's voice -- Himself and the ephemeral isle -- Celtic spotlight -- Of songs and showbands -- Cradlecries to Godspeed underground -- Leprechaun tracks and Pooka prints -- Through a green and orange haze -- A love letter to the department of external affairs -- Afterword
  Notes:  An aural picture of Ireland. Includes a foreword by the author. The author is Sister Maryanna Childs, O.P., of Ohio Dominican College, Columbus, Ohio. The project was funded by the American Irish Foundation.
  Format:  Book
  Subject - Culture:  Irish
  Subject - Time: 
  Subject - Topic:  Sound, Listening
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