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 Title:  The Columbia 33000-F Irish Series
  Author:  Pekka Gronow
  Publisher:  JEMF and the Finnish Institute of Recorded Sound
  Place of Publication:  University of California
  Date of Publication:  1979
  Original Date of Publ: 
  Publication Number: 
  Number of Pages:  78
  Binding Style:  Paperback
  Dimensions:  6 X 9
  Contents:  Discography of Columbia Irish 78 rpm recordings compiled by Pekka Gronow, Artist Index compiled by Bill Healy, and Title Index compiled by Paul Wells. JEMF Special Series No. 10. There are 563 records in the first series and 33 records in the 2nd series.
  Format:  Book
  Subject - Culture:  Irish
  Subject - Time: 
  Subject - Topic:  78 Recordings
  Subject - Instrument: 
  Subject - Genre:  Columbia