Celtic Folk Music and Culture

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 Title:  ONeill's Irish music
  Contributor:  ONeill, Captain Francis ; ONeill, Selena
  Publisher:  Mercier Press
  Place of Publication:  Cork
  Date of Publication:  1987
  Original Date of Publ:  Unknown
  Publication Number:  ISBN 085342800X
  Number of Pages:  192 p.
  Binding Style:  Paperback
  Dimensions:  11.5 in.
  Contents:  Airs, songs -- Marches and miscellaneous -- Double jigs -- Single jigs -- Slip or hop jigs -- Reels -- Hornpipes -- Long dances, etc. ADD INDIVIDUAL TUNE TITLES LATER.
  Notes:  "400 choice selections arranged for piano or violin. Airs, jigs, reels, hornpipes, long dances, etc., most of them rare; many of them unpublished." Includes musical notation for the melodies, plus piano chords in the bass clef. Does not include names of composers or sources. Enlarged edition.
  Format:  Tune-book
  Subject - Culture:  Irish
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  Subject - Genre:  Tune book, Dance music