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 Title:  Good old IRA, The : Tan war operations
  Publisher:  Sinn Fein Publicity Department
  Place of Publication:  Dublin
  Date of Publication:  1985
  Original Date of Publ: 
  Publication Number: 
  Number of Pages:  63 p.
  Binding Style:  Paperback
  Dimensions:  8 in.
  Notes:  A list of IRA operations during what is known as the "Tan War," consisting mostly of short descriptions of deaths, civilian and otherwise. However, "this pamphlet is not a definitive list of IRA operations in the 1919-21 period. Indeed, the majority of attacks on RIC men, Black and Tans and regular soldiers are not included. Nor is the death of every civilian recorded." Compiled primarily from newspaper reports and the Collins papers.
  Format:  Book
  Subject - Culture:  Irish
  Subject - Time: 
  Subject - Topic:  Politics, Irish Republican Army, Black and tans
  Subject - Instrument: 
  Subject - Genre:  History