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 Title:  For grandparents and people
  Author:  Hickey, Tom
  Publisher:  James Conolly Printing
  Place of Publication:  Rochester, NY
  Date of Publication:  1981
  Original Date of Publ:  1969
  Publication Number: 
  Number of Pages:  38 p.
  Binding Style:  Staple-bound
  Dimensions:  7.5 in.
  Contents:  Head of the angels -- The nest -- God never said -- Grandfather -- Oh very -- Billy Wahl -- Heaven -- Mary -- Billy -- Dark -- Oh happiness is lovely -- Poem about a puddle -- Pure joy -- Buona Sera -- A fellow can do what he wants -- The star -- I wish -- Some nights are darker -- Grandmothers! -- Not too still -- Happy the man -- The barn -- The nursery floor -- Busy Billy -- Say Billy and I -- Nurses -- The lost companion -- Pure joy -- Why do children have to grow up -- My bridge -- The little brown clock -- The hand of Connie Duffy -- Vespers
  Notes:  Dedicated to Bill, Connie, Billy, Mary, Thomas Francis, and Constance Duffy. Signed by the author inside the front cover.
  Format:  Pamphlet
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  Subject - Genre:  Poetry