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 Title:  Mercier book of old Irish street ballads, Vol. 2 : History and politics (1798 to Parnell)
  Contributor:  Healy, James N. (editor)
  Publisher:  Mercier Press
  Place of Publication:  Cork
  Date of Publication:  1969
  Original Date of Publ: 
  Publication Number: 
  Number of Pages:  160 p.
  Binding Style:  Paperback
  Dimensions:  7 in.
  Contents:  What happened in the nineteenth century as related to Ireland ; The nineteenth century in Irish history ; Music: ODonnell Abú -- Oliver's advice -- The jackets green -- The white cockade -- Sweet County Wexford -- Billy Byrne of Ballymanus -- The knight of the carpet bag -- The wearing of the green ; General: The sorrows of Erin -- The grand dissolving views -- A new song called Granuaile -- ODonnell Abu!! -- Oliver's advice -- The jacket green -- The green cockade -- The suit of green -- Humours of Glin -- And all for ould Ireland! ; 1798: A dream of General T. F. Burke -- M'Kenna's dream -- Bold M'Dermott -- Lady Connolly -- A song on the militia -- Sweet County Wexford -- The brave defenders -- General Munroe (1) -- General Munroe (2) -- Captain Fowler -- Captain Dooley and the Boyne -- Father Murphy (1) -- Father Murphy (2) -- Billy Byrne of Ballymanus (1) -- Billy Byrne of Ballymanus (2) -- De Groves-of-de-Pool -- Emmet's death ; The Liberator: The deeds of OConnell -- OConnell and the Irish tinkers -- The meeting of Tara -- The game of cards -- The Paddy Whacks -- The repeal of the union -- The liberator -- OConnell's dead -- OConnell's no more -- Erin's green linnet -- Brave Dan's no more -- OConnell monument -- The foundation stone of the OConnell monument -- Foundation stone -- The riots in Belfast -- The blooming sweet lass of the vale ; The Fenians: Why shouldn't old Erin be free -- The massacre of Six-mile-bridge -- The tenant farmers at Douvilla -- Crafty codger -- The knight of the carpet bag -- Patrick Sheehan -- The Irish National League -- The rising of the moon -- Old Erin's freedom -- The bird is left his nest -- The green above the red -- Green on the cape -- Rory of the hill (1) -- Rory of the hill (2) -- The Fenian exiles -- The exile's return -- Release of the political prisoners -- ODonovan Rossa's farewell -- God save Ireland -- Allen's grave -- Robert Kelly's farewell -- Death of Sergeant Charles M'Carthy ; Home rule, the Land League and Parnell: The Home Rule Association -- Home rule -- The grand Catholic procession -- Home rule meeting in Cavan -- Ireland's unrelenting chains -- Up for the land -- the gems of the Land League -- 'Obstruction' -- When Parnell's the king of old Ireland -- Tim Kelly's early grave -- the immortal Kickham is no more
  Notes:  Mostly song texts, with musical notation for only 8 of the melodies. Includes separate notes on the songs, as well as general notes the categories of songs and Irish history during the 19th century
  Format:  Book
  Subject - Culture:  Irish
  Subject - Time:  19th century
  Subject - Topic:  Politics, Ballads, Street music
  Subject - Instrument: 
  Subject - Genre:  Song book