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 Title:  Mercier book of old Irish street ballads, Vol. 3 : The people at play
  Contributor:  Healy, James N. (editor)
  Publisher:  Mercier Press
  Place of Publication:  Cork
  Date of Publication:  1969
  Original Date of Publ: 
  Publication Number: 
  Number of Pages:  152 p.
  Binding Style:  Paperback
  Dimensions:  7 in.
  Contents:  Music: Lannigan's ball -- Donnybrook humours -- Donnelly and Cooper -- Paddy Heggarty's breeches -- Ned Flaherty's drake (aslo Bill Dillon's cat) -- The rambler from Clare -- Pat of Mullingar -- The sporting races of Galway -- The princes visit -- The park display -- The opening of the ports -- Skyball ; Occasions: The wedding of Ballyporeen -- The wedding above in Glencree -- The wedding of Biddy M'Crane -- Lannigan's ball -- Wake of Barney Brallaghan -- Humours of Donnybrook -- Awful fire and loss of life -- Lamentable lines -- St. Patrick's day parade -- The opening of the ports -- The royal wedding -- The wonders of the illuminations! -- The exhibition of sixty-five -- The procession -- The royal visit -- The Princes' visit to Ireland -- The park display -- The glorious procession ; Horse racing: The sporting races of Galway -- The Killarney steeple chases -- The races of Ballinalee -- Limerick races -- Sky-ball -- Hurrah for Punchestown! -- Pilgrimage ; Fox-hunting: Tally ho! Hark away -- The three huntsmen's tragedy -- The fox chase -- The Muskerry fox chase -- The general fox chase ; Boxing: Donnelly and Cooper -- The glorious victory of Paddy Murphy -- The female prize-fighter -- Heenan's challenge to Mace -- Heenan, the bold Benicia boy -- John Morrissy and the Russian sailor boy -- John Morrissy again in the field? -- The cowardly Englishman -- Coburn's challenge to Heenan ; Character: How Pat is represented -- My mother is a true-born Irishman -- An Irishman's merry boy -- Why can't Paddy be a gentleman? -- Paddy is the boy that is fond of a lass -- You may take Paddy's word -- The savage loves his native shore -- Paddy Magee ; Characters: Apple Praities -- Jemmy the Gom -- Grandfather Brian -- Roger OHare -- Paudheen Rhu -- The bold rake of Limerick -- The rambler from Clare ; Misadventures: 'How's your poor feet' -- The Connaught man's adventures -- The reward of bad behaviour -- Paddy's ould coat -- The Waterford boys -- Paddy Haggerty's leather breeches ; Animals: Pat of Mullingar -- Poor dog tray -- The saucy dogs of Dublin -- Nell Flagherty's drake -- Bill Dillon's cat ; The fantastic: The battle of the kitchen furniture -- Invisibility -- The wonders of the world -- the surprising tree of knowledge
  Notes:  Mostly text of the songs, plus musical notation for twelve melodies. Includes a preface by the editor on recreation in Ireland in the nineteenth century.
  Format:  Book
  Subject - Culture:  Irish
  Subject - Time:  19th century
  Subject - Topic:  Ballads, Street music, Recreation, Fox hunting, Horse racing
  Subject - Instrument: 
  Subject - Genre:  Song book