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 Title:  Bawdy British folk songs
  Contributor:  McCarthy, Tony (compiler, arranger)
  Publisher:  Wolfe Publishing
  Place of Publication:  London
  Date of Publication:  1972
  Original Date of Publ: 
  Publication Number:  ISBN 723404925
  Number of Pages:  127 p.
  Binding Style:  Paperback
  Dimensions:  7 in.
  Contents:  All fours -- The Aylesbury girl -- Ball of yarn -- Billy boy -- Blow away the morning dew -- Blow the candle out -- The butcher and the chambermaid -- The butcher and the tailor's wife -- Cruising round Yarmouth -- The cuckoo's nest -- The Derby ram -- The fire ship -- The foggy dew -- The furze field -- The gentleman soldier -- Gently, Johnny my jingalo -- A German clockwinder -- The grey hawk -- The handsome cabin boy -- Home, boys, home -- I am a coachman -- John Anderson, my Jo -- The jolly tinker -- The keach in the creel -- The keeper -- The kettle smock -- The lark in the morn -- The Limerick rake -- Long Peggin' awl -- Lovely Joan -- The maids of Australia -- Maids when you're young -- The miller and the lass -- Moving on -- The nightingales sing -- The nutting girl -- O dear O -- Oh no, John, no -- Peggy-O -- Pump away -- Queer Bungareye -- Rap-a-tap -- The rigs of London town -- Rocking the cradle -- Rolling in the dew -- The sailor cut down -- Sally my dear -- The sergeant -- Seven nights drunk -- Seventeen come Sunday -- Sex and the single girl -- The shoemaker's kiss -- The sweet nightingale -- The tailor's breeches -- Three maids-a-milking -- The threshing machine -- The trooper's horse -- Up for the cup -- Weary of tumbling alone -- Whistle, daughter, whistle
  Notes:  Lyrics and musical notation of the melodies, plus guitar chord symbols. Includes an introduction by the editor.
  Format:  Book
  Subject - Culture:  British, Irish
  Subject - Time: 
  Subject - Topic:  Bawdy songs
  Subject - Instrument: 
  Subject - Genre:  Song book