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 Title:  Songs of Killarney
  Author:  Graves, Alfred Perceval
  Publisher:  Bradbury, Agnew & Co.
  Place of Publication:  London
  Date of Publication:  1873
  Original Date of Publ: 
  Publication Number: 
  Number of Pages:  175 p.
  Binding Style:  Hardbound
  Dimensions:  7 in.
  Contents:  Songs of Killarney: The rose of Killarney -- The girl with the cows -- Fixin' the day -- The foster sisters -- ADD MORE TITLES LATER
  Notes:  Dedicated to the author's father and mother. "My first volume of poems." Preface by the author, including thanks to the magazines "Punch," "Fraser's Magazine," "The Gentleman's Magazine," and "Cassell's Magazines" for permission to print poems that first appeared in their pages.
  Format:  Book
  Subject - Culture:  Irish, Kerry
  Subject - Time: 
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  Subject - Genre:  Poetry